Building Insulation

Our Building Insulation Division provides a complete thermal envelope, acoustical control and fire prevention at wall and floor joints. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry will provide our customers with the most cost effective and quality installations without compromising the integrity of the overall project.


Thermal insulation is installed in building envelopes to control the flow of heat in and out of a building. SWSC can install a variety of materials to meet different types of construction. These include fiberglass or mineral wool batts within stud cavities and rigid board at CMU walls.


Acoustical Insulation refers to products that control noise transmission through walls, floors and ceilings. Products commonly used for sound transmission include fiberglass or mineral wool batts installed within stud and joist cavities. Other methods include semi-rigid boards or spray applied cellulose applied directly to substrate to absorb sound waves. This method is commonly used in arenas, sound studios and theaters. SWSC is a certified installer of K-13 spray-applied cellulose.


Firestop is a system designed to restore fire ratings to wall and floor assemblies by sealing joints and penetrations with fire resistant materials. Firestop components commonly used include mineral wool, intumescent and elastomeric sealants, Firestop pillows and mortars.


Used to provide fire and smoke separation between floors at exterior curtain wall systems.

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