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Our company is comprised of highly motivated and skilled individuals handpicked for their experience in the industry, knowledge of the products and ability to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Victor Dubois

President & Founder

Victor Dubois, President and founder of Southwest Specialty Contractors. He is an accomplished and knowledgeable Manager with over 35 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. It is through his leadership skills and an understanding of people and relationships that he has been successful in overseeing all phases of multimillion-dollar construction projects for government and private-sector clients. Victor’s experience includes managing crews in the field of up to 500 and office staff of up to 125 as well as the ability to communicate effectively with and between customers and owners. He is adept at bridging production gaps to ensure construction schedules are met and is backed by strong credentials and a proven history of on-time, on-budget and high-quality project completions.

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Herb Swanson

Executive Vice President

Glen “Herb” Swanson, Executive Vice President of Southwest Specialty Contractors and Vice President of Mechanical, is a skilled Manager with 35 years of experience as a subcontractor in the mechanical insulation sector of the industry. Herb is well respected amongst his peers and owners due to the extent of knowledge he holds in mechanical insulation including applications for HVAC pipe & duct, plumbing, industrial and MEP firestop. He is a visionary in the industry realizing the need for energy efficiency, combined with the push towards green building and as a result is developing a program to help owners reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately save costs. Herb has a proven success record for managing work whether on multimillion dollar projects or on projects of a much smaller scale.

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Alex Lurkins

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Lurkins is the Chief Operating Officer of Southwest Specialty Contractors. He is also the Vice President of our Building Insulation, Waterproofing Divisions, and Specialty Divisions. His extensive knowledge is derived from his over 15 years of experience as an estimator, project manager, and material supplier. Alex’s ability to understand all aspects of the construction process enables him to be an effective leader and communicator, especially on larger projects that involve multiple scopes. Whether a simple TI project or a multi-million dollar Resort & Casino, Alex can navigate through the details with ease, execute the plan and in the end deliver an exceptional product.  Alex’s meticulous nature, commitment, and dedication are an asset to the Company and any project he manages.

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Nick Russi

Regional Vice President

Nick Russi, is the Regional Vice President for our California locations and has been in the construction industry for over 22 years. Nick brings with him a vast knowledge of the specialty scopes he oversees. You will notice his involvement in project management and estimating as well as client and employee relations. He is an integral part of the organization and will continue to play a major role in advancing our market share throughout the area.

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Our company is comprised of highly motivated and skilled individuals handpicked for their experience in the industry, knowledge of the products and ability to deliver on-time and on-budget. At Southwest Specialty Contractors our mission is to provide our customers and industry with exceptional service through hard work and a strong commitment to building a quality product.

Southwest Specialty Contractors is a specialty subcontractor at the top of our field, offering exceptional customer service, a wide variety of scopes, unparalleled experience, and a unique group of personnel. We understand you have a choice when selecting a partner for your project. We are confident that we are the right choice. At Southwest Specialty Contractors, we are proud of what we do and are determined to deliver a quality product. As always, our focus is on the customer.

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